ExecuSearch Solutions, Inc. is a
Minneapolis-based executive search firm, specializing in the banking sector.


We work with top performers

If you are a highly-qualified employee within the banking and financial services industry, ExecuSearch is looking for you. With in-depth knowledge in banking and finance, we are able to match top performers with highly ranked banking and financial institutions.


The business model for ExecuSearch is based on four indispensable pillars:



We operate on the principles of trust, confidentiality and respectful relationship building. We commit these principles to action for both our clients and the individuals who will become the solutions to our clients’ staffing needs.


We help your organization fill the void of vacant positions, which have resulted in neglected responsibilities and an increased workload for other employees. We help you complete your staff with an impressive candidate ready to step into the leadership role and enhance your bottom line.


The team at ExecuSearch has assisted clients ranging from local community banks to Fortune 500 companies. Each of those companies has recognized the importance of finding quality people to fill their staffing needs. We possess knowledge of talent and trends within the industry. You benefit by being presented with superior candidates in an efficient and timely manner.


We are committed to actively and intensively profiling the qualifications, personality and career goals of the “right” candidate. We are also committed to helping our clients bring that “right” candidate on board. As your business grows, let us help you ensure future success by providing professionals who are a good fit within the mission and vision of your company. ExecuSearch is in the business of connecting remarkable businesses with exceptional people, not just resumes.


“ExecuSearch was able to save us time and money by selecting highly qualified candidates for our positions. Moreover, Chris has a warm personality and is easy to work with.”

President and Owner
Mid-sized Community Bank