“Able to save us time and money”

ExecuSearch was able to save us time and money by selecting highly qualified candidates for our positions. Moreover, Chris has a warm personality and is easy to work with.

— President and Owner, Mid-sized Community Bank

“The only recruiter we use”

I met with a friend’s brother this morning to talk about banking jobs. He had met with another recruiter already. I told him that while that recruiter may do a decent job, ExecuSearch is the best, and the only recruiter we use.

— Executive VP, Mid-sized Community Bank

With past experience in banking, Chris holds extensive knowledge as a recruiter. His experience as both the employer and employee in a bank is rare indeed. With expertise in the banking world, Chris is a coveted commodity when it comes to selecting the right fit for the needs of a bank.

— President and Owner, Mid-sized Community Bank


“Helping make the transition smooth for both sides”

Chris reached out to me about 3 years ago and that was when our relationship started to build. Chris is very knowledgeable about positions in the banking industry and would keep me in the loop on positions that I may be interested in. He is highly interested in what the individual wants before trying to connect them into a certain bank position. Chris is also a guy who has great integrity and honesty when connecting an individual to a bank and helping make the transition smooth for both sides.

— Credit Analyst, Mid-sized Community Bank.